Anonymous asked:
Has anyone told you you're beautiful today? Cause u are! Very;-)

They havent. Thank you so much. That definitely made my day :)

221 plays It Just Is Rilo Kiley More Adventurous

In honor of Elliott Smith (August 6, 1969 – October 21, 2003)

This loss isn’t good enough
For sorrow or inspiration
It’s such a loss
For the good guys
Afraid of this life
That it just is
Cause everybody
it just is - rilo kiley
239 plays A Man/Me/Then Jim Rilo Kiley More Adventurous


Rilo Kiley, “A Man/Me/Then Jim” from More Adventurous (Brute/Beaute, 2004)

451 plays The Frug Rilo Kiley The Initial Friend (2nd Pressing)


And I can hate your girl
I can tell you that she’s real pretty
I can take my clothes off
I cannot fall in love


Jenny Lewis | Buffalo Springfield Again

I’ll be damned. Can’t get any better than this!


Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst doing Portion for Foxes


Good thing I wasn’t here for this or I would have EXPLODED.

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